Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can Ab Machines Give You a Slimmer Waist?

There are ads for Ab machines everywhere nowadays, but most commonly they are advertised on late night infomercials. Those infomercials are mainly targeted at fooling society into believing that they can "flatten" their belly by doing a few ab exercises everyday.

These ads typically have a group of ultra-healthy fitness models moving around with perfect abs, and they disclose that they got their fantastic looking abs to the "ab machine" that they are hoping to sell to you.
The fitness models commonly have a "smile" on their face while they give a demonstration of the machine for you, and they do it so that you will accept as true that it's "easy and fun" to use their machine.
But, what those gorgeous fitness models do not inform you of is that they already had super abs before they used the machine. The majority of these models were born with lean bodies, and that means that they'd have fantastic looking abs regardless.
The fact is that ab equipment does help to improve your ab muscles, but that is all they do. They make your ab muscles stronger, but they don't make your waistline smaller. These machines can't make your belly slimmer or thinner, they can just make your abdominal muscles fitter. Even if you have the fittest ab muscles on the planet, it is still possible to have a large waist too.
In point of fact, just observe football players for a good illustration of this. Football players have probably the fittest abdominals in the world, but nevertheless they're also some of the more overweight people on earth. This is for the reason that they have really strong muscles, but the muscles are covered underneath layers of fat tissue.
This detail demonstrates that ab machines can give you fitter abs, but they will not get you a flatter belly. If you desire to have a smaller waistline, then you have to lose the fat that's resting on top of your abdominal .muscles, and the only method to do that is to stay on a sound diet program and abs get pack six  .
You have to keep in mind that you can get your abs very firm and strong, and yet you might nonetheless have a lot of fat tissue on top of your muscles that will prevent your ab muscles from being observed. The fact is that you have to start a diet to lose the fat on your ab muscles, because only that will get you a smaller waistline.
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