Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Alcohol Can Affect the Muscle Building Process

Alcohol can be a huge obstacle in your way to achieve an attractive muscular physique. It has a significantly deep impact in the process of muscles building. If not completely, then at least it noticeably slow downs the muscle building process for sure. So, its consumption should be avoided at best or at least it should be reduced considerably.

It must be clear to everyone that progress of muscles depends on the diet you take and the diet you avoid. Alcohol surely is categorized under the diet that needs to be avoided under all circumstances especially for people working for their muscle enhancement. It can be as fatal as anything and can entirely ruin your muscle building progress.
Alcohol is far more detrimental than most people think. Inaccessibility of proper awareness about disadvantages of alcohol has caused a lot of trouble to the people. They are not fully aware of the risks and negative aspects of alcohol that it carries with itself. Give up alcohol if you are serious about achieving a truly impressive and in-shape body.
Following are a few major points with a brief account of how alcohol slows down & affects the growth of your muscles:
1. Negative Impact on Protein Synthesis:
The process where amino acids are joined together to form proteins is known as protein synthesis. Huge alcohol consumption can badly slow down this process by at least 20%. As our muscles are made up of proteins, so we can see that how this can be a setback in muscle enhancement process.
2. Increases Estrogen and Decreases Testosterone Levels:
Testosterone is the most essential muscle enhancing hormone. Decrease in its level can be highly problematic in the muscle building process. It is because free flowing testosterone is the key factor in determining that how much muscles a person can gain. Similarly, increase in estrogen level is also hazardous.
3. Results in Dehydration:
The human kidney is bound to filter huge quantity of water in the effort to breakdown alcohol which can result in dehydration within the body. Water is considered as a prime element in the muscle building process and surprisingly 70% of water constitutes a muscle. So, even slight dehydration can be disastrous.
4. Reduces the Amount of Vitamins and Minerals in the Body:
Alcohol consumption flushes out the much needed quantity of Vitamins A, B, C, zinc, calcium and phosphorous from the body. Vitamins and minerals are considered as the backbone in the enhancement and maintenance of muscles. Moreover, they also help in keeping every little process in our body functioning.
5. Adds up to Fat Storage in the Body:
Alcohol consumption significantly slow downs the fat burning process. It is mainly caused by disrupting the Krebs cycle and its critical to abs get pack six.

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