Friday, February 12, 2010

Diet For Good Looking Abs

If you're in dieting then you most likely have tried all diets. Ok, almost them all, and main concepts of at least the most popular ones are extremely well known to you.

Finding out how they work, their positive aspects and dawn sides make your experience grow and probably you think that there is no eating habits that can surprise you, but you might be wrong. There's one amazing healthy eating plan that could make you wonder.

A eating habits that uses some unusual concept is called Abs diet. The concept on the diet is pretty straight forward but effective though. You lose weight while exercising and building your muscle and eating a specific diet plan.

Exercising part and its rewards... You should know that your shape spends much more power on muscles than on fat (significantly more) so more muscle means a lot more power will be utilized.

It's quite easy. Instead of implementing traditional concepts and reducing your food intake you may build a lot more muscle to use more energy. This way you might burn that power which would be stored as fat in your entire body.

Let's do some maths... Human physique uses about 50 calories a day to keep 1 pound of muscle in shape. Doesn't look too very good? Multiply it by 10 and you will get the picture. 10 pounds of muscle will burn 500 calories a day which equals about a 1 pound of lost unwanted weight a week.

Beauty of this approach is its snowball effect where additional exercise means a lot more weight loss. The much more you exercise the more successful diet gets.

Food in Abs diet plan... The eating habits consists of two parts - exercising and specific food intake which include 12 power foods that will give your physique necessary minerals and vitamins. Other foods have to be forgotten unfortunately during the healthy eating plan. Allowed foods are: peanut butter, low-fat dairy products, beans and peas, eggs, instant hot oat cereal, wholegrain breads and cereals, berries, lean meats (such as turkey), spinach and a couple of other green vegetables, olive oil, protein powder, almonds.

Duration on the diet usually is 6 weeks and some may discover it hard to stick to it but much better looking shape, nice set of abs and pounds loss have to give required motivation. Realistic pounds loss in first two weeks is up to staggering 12 pounds and you can abs get pack six

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