Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turbo Ab Exercises – Train your Abs with Great Results!

The next question illustrates why people fail to have that great pair of abs or a flat stomach. This popular question is:

What type of exercise should I do to isolate my: lower abs, obliques, upper abs, low back and so on?
They all want to insolate the muscle. And I have always given the same answer: Why are you trying to isolate them?
Sometimes isolation in workout routines is good. It works great when it is a muscle imbalance and you are working out to make things look even. But why do you want to isolate the muscles if there is no imbalance?
You must know that you will get better results if you do the exercises and integrate multiple muscles groups in the same time. This is what I call: turbo ab exercises, and if they are done properly, these sometime unknown movements can deliver huge results incredibly fast!
The turbo ab exercises are done to train several groups of muscles in the same time. This routine will make the workout very efficient. They will work your entire body and they will help you burn out the fat that is now covering your muscles. Only after burning that fat you will be able to sculpt the abdomen. The isolated movements will never help you burn fat. The result will be a sculpted abdomen in no time.
Now let me show you some turbo ab exercises that can be easily done and they will train your entire body.
Power Wheel Pike – you will start this exercise in the push-up position. This means you will put the feet in Power Wheel. Never let the hips drop and move the wheel towards the hands and keel the legs straight at the same time. After that, return to the starting position.
It is interesting that this exercise is not done with you sitting on your back like other ab exercises. You will support yourself in the push-up position and this means you will work your triceps, chest, hip flexors, quads and other muscles in your body.
There are many other great turbo ab exercises and they will give you great result. With these exercises you will feel the difference almost immediately!
So stop wasting your time and integrate all these effective exercises in your routine to get fast abs at home.

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