Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gain Six Pack Abs Fast

Many exercise nuts want to know why they are not abs get pack six.Two types of exercise are essential that one can do to burn fat from your tummy. First is high intensity cardio exercise which is to be done again and again for 20 to 25 minutes. This workout is a must as compared to low intensity cardio exercises and it keeps on burning your fat for few days. Some of the popular examples that must be included in this category are running, jogging, wind sprints, jumping rope, and aerobic exercises. The second group of exercise is weight training and is a bit difficult as compared to the first one and many people just leave this out thinking that it will make them bulk up. But they are totally wrong because lifting weights increases the body's resting metabolism, because muscles burn your body fats even if you are sleeping.

One making a plan to gain six pack abs should highly concentrate on your diet. Eating low fat and balanced diet is very essential to burn fats and make your body cuts clear. If you are eating five larger meals, you should switch to 3 small meals a day and make sure that these meals are not full of fats i.e. pizza. Your diet should be based upon lean proteins and high fiber foods such as whole wheat, white meat, fruits, juices and vegetables.
There are numerous foods that one should cut away from his diet to gain clear ripped abs such as white rice, pasta and alcohol. These types of foods directly convert into body fat and are prohibited if you wait a lean body. You can eat oatmeal, black pepper and almonds to burn your fat more rapidly.
The last and the most important step is to perform abdominal exercises on a daily basis. Be sure to work on your lower and upper abs instead of just working on any one of them. According to researchers cycling is a great exercise to burn fats. To do cycling lie on your back and raise your legs up to 40 degrees and move your legs in such a way as if you are cycling. This exercise is one of the proven workouts to gain instant results and it works for everyone. Additionally do some more exercises like twisting your body to get oblique muscles, leg race to get rid of your belly fat, sit ups and side bends.

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