Thursday, September 8, 2011

Abs ball exercises

Would you like to get six pack abs but don’t think it’s possible? It is possible; it’s just a matter of doing the right types of exercise and eating right. Your ab muscles can be just as toned as anyone else’s if you do the right kind of exercise and stick to a healthy diet. If you look at different books, DVDs and exercise devices, you’ll see hundreds of different ab workouts all claiming that theirs is the only way to six pack abs. But great stomach muscle tone can actually be achieved by some simple exercises.\
Sit ups are often overlooked because they are so simple. It seems some people believe that exercise has to be complicated or newfangled in order to really work. But a plan including plain old, uncomplicated sit ups can be one of the best abs exercise routines you can do. It’s a good idea to do variations on a simple sit up, too. That way you’ll be using many different muscles in the torso area.
When you do sit ups, you should have your knees bent to eliminate unnecessary strain on your lower back. Holding your hands behind your head or neck will also help keep your abs working as you sit up, rather than you leading with your arms and putting the pressure to sit up on your back and shoulders. Twisting to the side (try touching your elbow to the opposite knee) helps your abs by working the muscles on the side of your waist, called the obliques.
 Ball exercises are a great way to work your ab muscles. Put yourself in a sit up position, but with your back on top of a stability ball. Put your hands behind your head or neck and do tiny sit ups known as crunches. Tighten your stomach muscles as you lift just slightly. The crunch, done on a ball or on the floor, gives those muscles a more intense workout. And while you’re on a stability ball you also have to balance yourself a bit, which brings tiny muscles all across your abs and your back into play.
You can also lie on the floor on your back, raise your legs a little and bend your knees, and push your feet out in an alternate motion, like you’re riding a bicycle. This is great for toning those lower ab muscles deep in your lower stomach. Use a band to add some resistance, and you’re well on your way to six pack abs.
While there may not be any one abs diet that guarantees you a washboard stomach, there are ways of eating that can give you that extra boost toward the body of your dreams. Some of the best diet tips include a focus on protein without many simple sugars and starches. Go for whole grains and good fats like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. Combine that great diet with abs exercise a few days a week, and you’ll be surprised by how soon you’ll see muscle definition.

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