Friday, September 9, 2011


I would like to share with you a trick that will help you get your six pack in no time. Keep in mind that not a lot of people know about this and you may be the first from your friends.

As we all know there are time when you will have to eat more carbs and times when you will have to eat less carbs. Well lowering down your carb intake at night time will help you lose fat and you will see faster results in your ab area.

Eat Less Carbs At Night Time:

The reason is that at night time your metabolic rate is lower than ever. Meaning that you are not burning a lot of carbs. You are also not in an active mode, which means you are also not burning any calories.

Now this does not mean that you should start working out at night time (that is actually a bad idea). It only means to lower down the carb intake. If you eat 30g of carbs before bed, only the half of it is going to get used by your body. The other half is going to be saved as fat.

So if you are usually eating 30g of carbs, before bed eat only 10g-13g. You have got no idea how much this will help you to lose fat and get abs faster. When I was just starting out as a bodybuilder I did not know about this. After I lowered down the carb intake before bed, I started seeing faster results with my abs. The same happened with my students.

What kind of carbs:
There are two things you must remember about carbs before bed.
  1. They must be complex carbohydrates not simple carbs - You want the carbs to last you the whole night. 
  2. NO SUGAR. You must NOT eat anything that has sugar in it. That means no fruits and no sweets. You will have to get your carbs either from vegetables or from whole grained bread.
Honey before bed:
Some people say that eating honey before bed is actually going to help you lose fat and get abs. I have tried it and honestly It did not work. You will even gain more fat instead of losing it. The reason is that it has sugar and a lot of it. This will only slow down your fat loss and will destroy the chances of you getting a six pack.

If you are trying to get a six pack and trying to lose belly fat eating less carbs at night time will help you out a lot. The only sources of carbs MUST be vegetables and whole grained bread, NO SUGAR BEFORE BED. Follow these steps and you are going to get your six pack faster than ever.

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