Friday, September 9, 2011

Core Strength is NOT Washboard Six Pack Abs

Most people associate the core with the look of your abdominals. They believe that having a strong core is associated with the look of a washboard stomach or Six Pack Abs. In reality, there are 27 muscles that make up the core of your body. From pelvis and hip muscles on up, the core is an entire system. Only a few of the muscles are visible to the naked eye.
Core Strength is the foundation of a strong body. It is a major player in balance and injury prevention. Real core strength though is more than just the musculature and bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints that make up the physical system. Building real Core Strength comes from deep within. It is a foundational power and resilience that can only be fully recognized at times of hardship where we dig deep into our core and draw forth the power and strength that is usually buried inside of us. Some people call this internal fortitude. I just look at it as soul strength.
This article is simply to give you some practical ways of activating the physical while taking a look at the deeper sides of core strength.
          is highly trained and certified in many disciplines within the fields of bodywork, emotional release, energy work, nutrition, health, and kinesiology and sports therapy. For the last 17 years, he has helped transform his client’s bodies and lives through increased performance, enhancing physical, mental and emotional health.
Ari has led ergonomics and productivity seminars, as well as created corporate wellness programs for top companies all across America. He has been a successful business man within the health and fitness field utilizing his unique combination of expertise related to body posture, public speaking and facilitating trainings which gives him the capability of guiding people to create their most powerful presence and taking companies to the next level in productivity and employee benefits.
Ari is an “Outside of the Box” thinker and has a way of taking ANY situation and finding the holes that need to be filled thus creating WIN WIN relationships and powerful programs that serve to enhance everyone involved.

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