Tuesday, December 27, 2011


popular diets are designed to offer
only short-term weight loss, and
how following these programs sets
you up not only to regain the
weight you initially shed but to actually gain even more
fat in the long run. Most diets, in fact, are not long-term
fat-loss plans but long-term muscle-loss plans. The Abs
Diet is different: It’s a program that helps you rev up
your body’s natural fat burners and keep them revved
up for life.
As harmful as most diet crazes may be, diets alone
aren’t to blame for the obesity epidemic in America. In
fact, there’s plenty of blame to go around: fast food,

funnel cakes, stress, sedentary lifestyles, supersizing, all-you-caneat
buffets, the demise of physical education classes, free refills,
couches, movie theater popcorn, you name it. We’re a society of
overeaters who often hold desk jobs and would lobby to make the
Bloomin’ Onion its own food group. But in the battle of weight
control, these are the easy targets. Instead, I’d argue, one of the
reasons we keep getting fatter is that we put our faith in two
things that are supposed to help us lose weight. These weight loss
“double agents” reap praise for their contributions to good health,
but they’ve also done their part in skewing the way we think
about weight loss. The two culprits I blame for our obesity epidemic?
Nutritional labels and exercise machines.

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