Saturday, December 31, 2011

Changing the Way You Think About the Word Diet

HERE’S A TYPICAL diet scenario: You nibble on a piece of toast for
breakfast and a sack of baby carrots for lunch, and you figure that
puts you well ahead of the calorie-counting game. By dinner,
48 T H E A B S D I E T
though, you’ve got so many onion rings jammed into your mouth
that you look like Dizzy Gillespie. If you’re so restricted in what
you can eat, you’ll eventually act like a rebellious teen and break
the rules. While most diets say “no” more than your boss at review
time, the Abs Diet gives you options. Most diets are about restricting.
This one is about fueling.
For years—or maybe for all your life—you’ve probably had one
notion about what dieting needs to be. Restrict your foods, eat
like a supermodel, sweat on the treadmill, and you’ll lose fat. In
reality, those could be the very reasons why you couldn’t lose
weight. It’s why you gained back what you lost. It’s the reason
why your speedboat metabolism may have geared down to that
of an anchored barge. It’s why you don’t see much progress when
you try new weight-loss programs. And it’s why the only real
recipe many diet plans offer is a recipe for pecan-encrusted
failure. What the Abs Diet will do is reprogram your circuitry.
You’ll stop thinking about every calorie and start thinking about
how best to burn calories. Once you master that, your body will
be equipped with all the tools it needs to strip away fat—and
show off your abs.

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