Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to "do" abs at home

Want ads? Until they can come very easily! Jump to first pottery shop! :)

Joking aside (at left), 98% of people not satisfied with the look of your stomach. Moreover, some male specimens of the stomach can not see "that" your piece ... These are the lost case when it comes to pads and good abs ...
This shall continue to read those for which there is hope, the other free to ldemoral! :)

I think it is time that someone says in the face, like over the monitor, that is the way to tuck muscles very long and tiring. It is terribly stupid to believe a variety of magazines in which writes to you for a month with a slightly lying  the floor and with some exercises that more strike  person to get to "perfect the stomach" as often like to write. Beware: Who wants abs, be good to perspire under wear! What can you so?

Magic formula (unfortunately) no, the thing is a few things, and gain six pack abs fast :

1. Strong will - without this nothing. You must firmly decide that you will try and dying until you manage to "do" abs so that you and below T-shirts (and jackets.!)

2. Nutrition - To this rare man attaches significance. Nothing you can do thousands of abs a day, after that if you eat three oxen, empty bakery and seven steals ice cream factory. Belly is a favorite place where fat (lipids) make their parties. Of course, should not hunger, but to make sure the food. It is desirable to enter as little fat. I half  free sweets if you can not just eliminate them. Humanity is a day needs about 1200-1300 calories. We eat about 3000 thousand! Twice as much! And those poor black people from Africa do not bring a day or 1000, and now you see ...

3. Run - an important moment in the whole story. Realize that you have as much to be physically active. Go on the run, football, basketball, cricket, how did I know, any sport.Watch to run 5 days a week, 2 days rest. If every day run 5 km, it would be enough. Using the download running with belly fat that obscure your view of the impressive muscles!

4. Abs - Many people think that is enough to do just abs. No. First, firmly resolve that you will regularly train. Then, the reduced intake of fat - so your stomach will no longer grow. Then running remove existing deposits bacon, and finally stronger abs abdominal muscles which will then flash on your stomach, which no longer cover the Blogosphere.

Abs is possible to run in the house. Put a pillow under my ass, legs stuck under the three-seater and pumping . Are grateful, and it is easy to increase their number from day to day.

Today, make 50 pieces, tomorrow 100th There you will catch pneumonia, which is a sign that something progressive going on in the area of your body that you have neglected. Ideally, when each day the number increased for the 50th abs And then arrive at the figure of 1,000 a day! There are hold. 1000 abs, running, cultural food - and our solutions to you! Time you exercise to enter the blood, so you will not be a problem to work on it. Ide, somehow, just by itself to gain six pack abs fast.

How to twist the floor? (or any abs work?)

There are classic abs: sitting on the floor, legs slightly curved at the knees and stuck to a piece of furniture. Work in batches of 50 pieces. After a few minutes break, and again 50 pieces. This exercise greatest influence on the upper and middle abs.

For lower abs: Lie down on the floor, give your legs and blind them with one another (if you have that leg, you can cope).
Raise it some 30 cm from the flooring. Push  then slowly up and down. You kicked and write alphabet, numbers. Work while you can. When you bump the legs of pathos, a little rest, and again! and, consistently!

For the lower abs is good and classic work abs, legs apart only to be free to , ie. not not post them for nothing.

You and this: Lie down on the back, and then push  trunk and legs bent so that the chin touch the knee. Just be careful, do not own teeth erupt? :) Repeat this in a series of 50 pieces and abs get pack six.

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