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Solid stomach - Abs

Do you want to gain six pack abs fast?
I do not know the person who does not want!

People spend millions, if not billions of euros every year in search of a flat stomach. Currently there are over 200 different devices for exercise, with a very sound names, promising abs rock in less than 8 minutes a day.

The man would have thought that with the existence of all these amazing products most people walk around showing a beautiful and slim middle part of the body, as they always wanted. Unfortunately this is not the case! Most, if not all of these products completely, will make little or nothing to settle your stomach, and because they can not eliminate the layer of hall, which covers your abs.

To be successful in losing  waist, you must possess a basic understanding of how the abdominal muscles work and how your body burns fat. The first thing you need to understand the difference between muscle and fat. Fat calories are entered via a surplus of food, which keeps the body through the aqueous muscle tissue. Muscles, on the other hand, consist of fibers, which contract to produce movement. Fat can not turn into muscle, and also any muscle can not turn into fat! However, what happens is most to lose muscle mass, and fat .
Gain six pack abs fast
So if your goal is to narrow the waist and have a nice and flat stomach, the first thing you have to do is to reduce, or eliminate completely hidden layers of fat that your abs. We all have a flat stomach, the only problem is some covered with excess fat.

The most effective way to settle the stomach is a combination of training with the load (with a focus on the central part of the body), cardiovascular exercise (short, hard training) and stabilization of blood sugar (keeps you from adding new layers of fat and makes your body to use existing fat as fuel ).abs get pack six.

What should also mention that, flat stomach not only looks good, but also prevents muscle imbalance between the hips and abdomen as in more than 80% of cases cause pain in the lower part of the ice! So remember, strong Sit mean and strong and healthy ice!

1. You must do some kind of progressive training with burdening

The primary function of the abdominal muscle is to bend your torso forward. But there is also the central part of muscle, which folded torso to the side and muscles that rotate it. Frequently vidam hundreds of people working on their abs machines from calf Sopa, however if you really want to effectively strengthen your stomach muscles in the exercise program should include the following types of exercises:

• 1-2 exercises with troops bending forward (reverse sit-up, raising the knees, a classic sit-up, etc.).
• 1-2 exercises with foreign troops in bending (side bend, side abs, etc.).
• 1-2 with rotation exercises (trunk rotations, standing trunk rotation, etc.).

Select at least 1-2 exercises that shots lower abs, 1-2 for oblikuse (retracts abs) and 1-2 for the upper abdominal muscles. There are so many various exercises, some of which you can find on our site, and mention only some of which I think are better than others.

Gain six pack abs fast super exercises for tight abs:

• reverse sit-up
• raising the legs from the base or Visa
• drop foot
• side bend
• classic sit-up
• Sit on the ball

And again I repeat, there is indeed a possibility of choice, but make sure to train them in proper form and progressively increasing load, ie the number of repetitions. Sit the arm as well as any other and should be therefore train three times a week.

2. Use short and intense cardio training in order to speed up metabolism

Cardio training is important, because you want him, if done properly, can accelerate metabolism and in the next 4-24 hours after training! This means that it is less likely that you will store excess calories as body fat, but they will soon be used by your fast metabolism. And besides, you probably downloaded some of the existing fat.

The following example of interval training, you can follow during any aerobic activity (walking, cycling, swimming, climbing stairs, etc.)..

Preheat the slow pace for a period of 2-5 minutes. Perform 30 seconds of the selected activity near maximum pace, and then a moderate 1 minute (recovery time and capturing the breath). This process is an interval, which will be repeated 6-10 times. Training finished cooling easy pace 2-5 minutes.

3. Rising blood sugar is key to success

Most importantly, you must stabilize blood sugar! This is the most important factor in the melting of excess fat, as well as maintaining slim lines. To stabilize the value of sugar in the blood must feed your body frequently, preferably every 2 to 3 hours. The key to success lies in how to provide your body just what he needed at the moment. Your body burns calories 24 hours a day, so there really is no reason to eat only once or twice a day. Give your body the fuel it needs: vegetables, fruit, nuts, biscuits and integral sources of lean protein (chicken, fish, lean beef, eggs, etc.).

Many people are too preoccupied with fat contained in food, or how much fat is a good choice. Calories are calories and is not important where it comes from. If you enter them, too ... where the end? Yes, you guessed it ... accumulated around the waist, as well as body fat.

Not to be confused, I do not say that it does not matter what you eat, but on the contrary, however this is not the primary and most important when it comes to losing body fat. Try to make healthy and smart choices, whenever possible, but do not feel so guilty if from time to time drop to Mecca, or eat a piece of cake, because it does not necessarily mean that it immediately, and deposit into fat.

4. Get help professionals

Unfortunately, most people do not have enough knowledge about the human body, nutrition, or effective means of exercise to achieve their health and fitness goals. Ask yourself one question: "Am I satisfied with their current status or progress?" If not, you should consider obtaining professional assistance by qualified fitness professionals. Do not rely exclusively on any information that you get from magazines or the local fitness club. Qualified fitness professionals can help you achieve your goals in less time than you think.

If you are serious about your health and fitness goals, and if you are willing to flat stomach, we recommend that you begin implementing the 4 strategies listed in the article. These 4 strategies can help you control your metabolism and burn excess body fat, and to feel and look great!

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