Monday, December 28, 2009

What is better for losing weight - gym or aerobic training?

If it is about maintaining fitness, this means that it already exists.
If we look at fitness as a solid achievement trained endurance, then it can be characterized as a situation where we are. To make progress, it is necessary to change the parameters of exercise, and nutrition to abs get pack six.There is the happiness and the other option: train with weight training load and spend only 350 calories. That day when the train you use (for example, as above) 1500 calories for basal metabolism, plus 350 calories spent = total calories in 1850. And now you probably think that the room is better downloading it from the first variant of cardio training. However, it is! 

Why? Therefore, as muscle stimulation, which is achieved with weight training opterecenmjem, runs the white muscle fibers. They are active in the event that exercise with weights or machines to strengthen muscles. A consequence is that even in idle mode YOUR muscle cells use more calories. So, if this practice, accelerate YOU NOT ONLY CURRENT METABOLISM (while exercising), but ONE Basic (over 24 hours a day)!
Gain six pack abs fast.

In short, if you workout at the gym, you have more chances to be muscular or izdefinisani. If you practice only cardio training (this can be open and running), your muscles will not be enough izdefinisani and will keep stricter diet. Of course, the diet should hold if the practice with weight load, especially in the beginning. However, when your metabolism is speeding up, then you can eat more, and you will not debljati. EXAMPLE: bodybuilders eat as Mecava, and not as thick as much to eat.
To have success in removing the room, will help you L-Carnitine. Those who do not train and eat, enter 180 mg L-Carnitine. This optimum amount is 250 g in 500 g of beef or pork. If a meal of sheep meat, then would need only a third of the quantity as opposed to beef or pork. Vegetarians would be for the same value of L-canitina had entered the body 6 liters of milk or 60 kg of bread. It is scientifically proven to enter the body 2 g L-Carnitine gives good results in the regulation of body weight. L-Carnitine is a substance similar to vitamins and is non-toxic. If you enter more, the body will excrete I waste. Thus, L-Carnitine works great with the weight and fits into any child, and so increases their performance. Also a positive effect on the increase of energy, because the enlarged fat exchange, it protects Depoe carbohydrates. What is, in fact, L-Carnitine? This amino acid that is often lacking in the body. For optimal synthesis of L-Carnitine is required that the body is supplied with: lysine, methionine, vitamin C, B3, B6 vitamins and iron. If all that the body has enough, and if not oskudevate L-Carnitine, the body will easily unbuild dugolancane fatty acids in the mitochondria of cells, and this is where burn calories. So, burning calories is going uj muscle cells. These furnaces, where> burns surplus room <. If you have trained with weight load, then it will speed up this process.

If you practice 3 times a week with weights and machines, just once a week to perform cardio training or completely separate from the regular training or to work after training in the gym. Cardio training is effective, if you take at least 35 minutes and if it is intense.

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