Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ab Exercise to Get Six Packed Muscles

Have you been dreaming about those super six packed muscles and you haven’t figured out the perfect exercise to sculpt your body? You can achieve your goal by doing some good ab exercises and abs get pack six.
But that is not all! You also need to give up at that belly fat you have with a good food diet. This article will show you how to accomplish those amazing six pack muscles in no time.

Most of the exercises are training the abs in isolated fashion. This means they are working the midsection but will not burn the fat. This set of exercises that I am going to talk about is going to reduce the body fat and strengthen your muscles. They will also fortify your whole metabolism and you will easily burn calories.

Here is a cool exercise that has the double effect I mentioned before. The exercise is called Parallel Bar Knee Raise. It is not an exercise for beginners and you must have a bit of upper body strength before doing it gain six pack abs fast.

Here is how to perform it:

Keep the elbows locked and support the body on the parallel dip bars. Then keep the upper body as upright as you can and then flex the hips to a 90 degree angle. In this position you will start the exercise.

After positioning yourself like that, bring your knees up to the chest and then contract the abs. After that you will have to return to the same position and do the number of reps that you have to do.

If you have troubles doing this exercise it means you need to work on your body strength a bit. And for that there are many exercises.

The reverse crunch routine will prepare you for Parallel Bar Knee Raise. Good luck and to get gain six pack abs fast.

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