Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Flex Belt - Does This Product Give You The Abs You Want

The Flex Belt is a very old technology with a new name. There are many other products that have the same type of technology both a different name. Can you with  Flex Belt gain six pack abs fast? The problem with this belt is that it doesn't provide enough of a workout to melt off fat, get your heart beating hard and get the rest of your body looking good as well.

Think about this...

This product target trains your abdominal muscles. Unfortunately this type target training does not work and will not give you visible six-pack abs. You could do 100 sit-ups every day and never see your six-pack abs if you don't do something about the fat that is on your ads already. Most people who want to use products like this already have some belly fat. "Shocking" your stomach muscles using this product doesn't get rid of stomach fat quickly but still can abs get pack six.
If target training your ab muscles really worked then everybody would have a six-pack. To get a six-pack you need to focus on three main areas, diet, a cardio workout and exercises. Now the Flex Belt focuses on only exercises but shocking your abs doesn't give you a really good workout at all. It will more than likely cause you some discomfort and even possibly pain. Many people don't like the sensation that the shocking causes when they use this product.

A strong cardio workout is important. In fact it is vital if you want to get six-pack abs. Burn off excess calories, getting your metabolism up and getting you in better shape is going to help you see that six-pack. If you want to see your six-pack you need to get your body fat percentage down below 8% for men and 14% for women. There is no other way you're going to see your six-pack unless you reach these numbers. Sadly products like the this would like you to think over wise.

Why pay hundreds of dollars and not get results? Paying over $200 for a product like this seems like it's a good idea when you're watching TV late at night and you see this advertisement claiming you can get toned, tightened ab workout. Although the Flex Belt has been approved by the FDA this doesn't mean anything. The FDA has only approved this product because it provides "an ab workout" and not to gain six pack abs fast.
As of Dec 1 2009 products like this can not hide behind disclaimers like "results not typical" which you will often see in small print in ads and on websites. The reason for the disclaimer is because products like this hardly live up to the hype.

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