Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Best 6 Pack Abs Tips For Women, Even After 30

Many women complain that it's a lot harder after you turn 30 to get six pack abs fast.

First you need to determine where you are. If you have let's say 28% body fat just know that your six pack abs won't be visible until you get your body fat down. For women is is often in the lower teen.

What foods are best for my body to get flatten stomach fast
You should be eating lots of lean proteins like chicken, egg whites, and fish. Stay away from processed meats because they will affect your fat loss progress. Also, I teach women what I call 5 Star Foods, eating these foods will help in achieving your six pack abs. Foods are not all created equal so if you want the best results then you have to put the best fat-burning foods in your body. The breakdown of your foods is also important. It's not necessary to eliminate all of your carbohydrates like potatoes as this can impair your metabolism, but you will have to adjust your intake to get six pack abs. Every woman is different when putting this type of program together.

What types of exercise should I be doing?

I recommend fat-burning workouts. Doing workouts that are intense and lifting enough weight that is challenging is key.

What about cardio?

This is dependent on how much body fat you have. Some women will have to do more in order to get the results they want. Only walking as exercise is not very effective as this will not help you to get flatten stomach fast. You need to do interval cardio to really get your body fat down and to start seeing those abs. 

How long will it take depends on where you are. From there, you can put together a plan of action. Diet is crucial in sculpting those abs. Being more disciplined is key to with your nutrition. You can still allow yourself to have a free meal every week while you are on your program to achieve six pack abs.

Patience is key and your focus determines your outcome.
It's important to know that even if you are over 30, you can achieve your goals..because you can. The mind is actually the most important part in this process as it controls everything you do from exercising and eating exactly how you need to.

One of the biggest things that I have seen that works is showing women how to program their mind to get the body they want. Having the best exercise and workout for six pack abs, won't get you results if your mind isn't programmed for success.

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