Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Build Flat Abs with Your Own Formula

There are two maxims of old that you will need from the outset if you want to know how to get flatten stomach fast  and then keep them for good. The first goes something like, 'Rome was not built in a day'. Flat abs must accrue from a process of self-improvement not an instantaneous pill. Having a sagging belly is a symptom of a condition and not a disease to be cured by medication. The second one is more common around gyms. It states that, 'no pain, no gain'. Getting flat abs is not as easy as you may want it to be. It involves work, consistency and self-determination. That is why flat-tummied guys are rare to come by.
Once these two maxims are accepted as facts then you are ready to know how to get flatten stomach fast. You must integrate dieting strategies and workout routines in your lifestyle as the only way of getting flat abs. With a little patience, consistence, perseverance and discipline, it gets easy as you go along and soon enough you will get in the flow. Abdominal exercises must be viewed as just but a part of the jigsaw towards flat abs. Flat abs only accrue from comprehensive abdominal rehabilitation efforts that integrate highly disciplined dieting and exercising regimes.
Doing countless crunches and sit-ups will hold you back instead of help you towards flat abs. Your abdominals easily adapt to the crunches and sit-ups and slip into a plateau where nothing much happens. Integrate cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, rope jumping, running, frog jumps, biking, etc with weight exercises for a diverse program the abs can't get used to.
Your abs will never attain a flat posture until you have burnt all the body fat in your belly. Your body fat percentage must dip as low as 9% or lower if you want flat abs. That is why sit-ups and crunches will not be enough to flatten out your tummy. Burn the fats using cardio exercises and ensure that the calories you ingest in the daily diet are much less than what you burn during exercise. One other directive on how to get six pack abs fast is to ingest high volumes of plain water every day.
One way of ensuring the belly fat is reduced and then maintained at the minimal most level is avoiding food that are rich in concentrated fats. Saturated fats go straight to deposit sites. Red meat and other foods with high levels of fats must be reduced. Run away from junk food and embrace natural wholemeal foods. Vegetables and fruits must be incorporated in the diet. Ensure that the diet has a lot
of nutrients but low on calories. Alcohol for instance, should be avoided since it ingests many calories and has no nutritional value. Besides that, alcohol increases your appetite for oily and fatty foods.
If you have been wondering how to get flat abs, there you have it. A bit of hard work and determination will get it done. Many people are not willing to sacrifice as much and no wonder they have phenomenal belly fat proportions to confront in the mirror every morning as they shave. Escape that route and exert yourself for a while. The result will give a little bounce to your walk and a little confidence in your outlook to life.Good luck with getting  six pack abs fast.

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