Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Favourite Kettlebell Exercise For Fab Abs and a Strong, Injury Free Back

The classic kettlebell exercise known as 'The Windmill' is one of the best exercises there is for gain six pack abs fast, while also providing a functional and injury-prevention service to your lower back.

There is no surprise that this exercise has strong parallels with a yoga pose, The Triangle, that also offers similar benefits. The difference with thekettlebell version, of course, is the addition of extra weight, so you are building strength and increasing stability throughout the entire midsection.

To start with, perform this with no kettlebell, as you build up flexibility. Only when you can perform this comfortably with no kettlebell through the full range should you add any weight to abs get pack six.

1. Start with your feet just wider than shoulder width, the back or right leg pointing forwards and the front or left to 45 degrees.

2. Raise the right arm and press the right hip back so the weight is mostly on this back leg. Both legs are straight, although you can bend them slightly if you need to. If you need to bend the front leg be very careful not to transfer the weight onto that leg - it needs to be mostly on the back leg throughout.

3. Place the left arm lightly on the inner thigh of the front leg. Look up to the right hand, that is overhead.

4. Pressing the right / back hip back, lean forwards and to the side as you slide the front hand down the inner thigh of the left / front leg, looking up to the right hand throughout. Start steady and build up gradually, only going as far as your flexibility allows. This will develop over time.

5. Still looking at the upper hand, imagine you are being pulled back up to standing by the upper or right hand.

6. Keep the arm up and repeat as required. Then swap sides.

When you have full range, hold a kettlebell in the lower arm. If you have good shoulder mobility and can hold a kettlebell overhead with no shoulder issues, then you can do this with the kettlebell in the upper hand. Make sure you start light and look at the kettlebell throughout, ensuring it stays directly over the shoulder at all times.

This exercise will not only strengthen your entire core it will improve your mobility in the hip area, as well as stregthen your back. All these factors mean it is one of the best exercises for preventing back pain - just make sure you build it up gradually and start with nokettlebell or load and you will gain six pack abs fast.

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