Friday, January 8, 2010

Abs and effective steps to building better abs

The means to get six pack abs fast is something that is sought out by most men. A lot of machines have come up in recent years that promise to be a guide to building better abs in a short while. But these are nothing but hoax designed to get some money from your pocket
It is possible to have a guide to [building better abs] but that is possible only through hard work.

Only hard work and nothing else will be able to get six pack abs fast.You need to follow a proper working regime if you want to get good abs. There needs to be a consistency in your working method. Under working will get you no results while overworking will only lead you to strain your muscles.
You should train yourself everyday. There are two body building options that can be a good guide to building better abs. One is the sit-up. But this sit-up is done in a different way. Do the regular sit-up but at the same time hold a 10 pound barbell against your chest. In this way, you should try to do 12 reps.

It won't be easy at first, but gradually it will come around. The next time you should try to do this with 16 reps. Once you have mastered this exercise, try to do this by increasing both the number of reps and the plate. This is one way of building better abs. But there is another way too.

Lie on the ground on your back. Use ankle weights. Now try to lift your legs. But don't bend your knees. You should try to touch your chest. Then after you have done this process, you should slowly lower the legs to the ground again. You need to repeat this process a number of times as you can so that you become acquainted with this exercise. There are many exercises which you can do for abs get pack six. But the trick is to use as many weights as possible in your work out schedule. Building better abs requires a lot of hard work so make sure to put in a lot of good hard work on your exercises.

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