Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Exercise Is The Best Tool For A Great Abs

Obesity causes over 300,000 deaths in the United States each year. This staggering number has resulted in a flurry of activity to tackle obesity even in schools. The problem is so acute especially in the United States that some schools have began offering vegetarian diets and the students in those schools are not complaining whatsoever. Many gyms and fitness houses are also seeing an increase in enrollments as people become more informed as to the inherent dangers of obesity. Obesity is defined as a condition where excess body fat accumulates in the body to the extent that it affects one's overall body health. Body fat is also measured by checking what is called the BMI or body mass index which is one's weight divided by the height squared. So what measures can be taken to induce weight loss and at the same time get six pack abs fast?

One is exercise. As we mentioned, body mass or excess fat is arrived at when fat is accumulated in the body. Fat in itself is not bad because it cushions the body and contributes to healthy body heat. But excess fat builds up when more fat builds up than the body can burn or is metabolizing. It therefore goes without saying that to accelerate the burning of excess fat, one has to increase their level of activity in order to burn more fat and get six pack abs fast.

Another way to tackle weight loss is to watch one's diet. That is where a diet program comes in. But before one embarks on a diet plan, it is considered prudent to shop smart whenever one goes for shopping. Reading the labels determine the calorie level in the can or container is considered wise. More and more people are doing this.

Hardly a minute passes after we turn on the TV that we see a commercial portraying a scantily-dressed female with a great body and a man with great abs and "six-packs". This image of perfect body structures is pushed to us by the media day-in day-out and has become what the mind accepts as the reasonable body tone and appearance. This has resulted in a spike in gym enrollment as more and more people try to achieve that look - get flatten stomach fast.
Obesity is the condition where the body accumulates so much fat that it is deemed unhealthy. This is reflected by the hundreds of thousands of deaths that take place each year due to obesity. Obesity can cause artery blockage and hence heart failure and stroke. It can also cause sleep disorders, breathing problems kidney failure, a depressed immune system, high-blood pressure and even a low self-esteem as the media portrays the obese person as generally unattractive.

While dieting is a great way to lose weight, it must be coupled with a good exercise regimen. This is because fat accumulation is really about the body not generating enough metabolic heat to burn the fat. Exercise forces the body to burn the fat accumulated in the belly and turn it into energy.

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