Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss in Getting Well-Defined Abs

First of all, to get six pack abs fastyou need to get rid of belly fat that covers them. From this, you see that the goal should be fat loss.

But if I lose fat, I lose if I lose weight, I should lose fat too, right?

Not necessarily true. Your body weight comprises of many substances: water, fat, muscle, etc. Now, if you only use weight scale to measure your progress, how do you know which substance you lost most?

Many people has been deceived by weight-loss companies that your weight on scale is everything. They keep promoting their bogus pills and supplements to make you eat less. This is not a good thing. When your body senses that you are not eating enough, it begins to break your muscle tissue down and converts it to energy - making you lose weight but not in a healthy way.

If you lose weight by stripping fat, of course it is a good thing. However, if your loss of weight is caused by muscle loss, you are in deep trouble. If you keep losing muscle, then there's no way you'll gonna get that 6-pack abs because your abs muscle will just keep shrinking.

Even worse, losing muscle means lowering your metabolism rate as well - making you burn less calorie, thus you need to eat less and lesser to keep losing weight. And if you do reach your target weight, you must maintain your diet for the rest of your life or you'll gain back the weight you lost. Certainly, this is not something you want.

In order to lose fat without sacrificing muscle, diet and exercise are indispensable. By diet, I don't mean drastically reducing your meals. Your diet should always be adequate to support your daily bodily functions. This includes consuming enough protein, carbs and fat (yes, you read it right...fat). These are the essential needs and must never be compromised and abs get pack six.
To put it simply, your diet should consists of as many natural, unprocessed food as possible. It almost always comes back to the overprocessing of food that wrecks your metabolism and promotes fat storage.

For exercise, focus more on workouts like weight lifting and sprinting. The reason why these kind of workouts are recommended is because they stimulate a huge amount of muscle groups. With enough intensity, it can boost your metabolism rate for up to 48 hours due to your body mechanism to recover - resulting in your body burning more fat even while you're sleeping.

Now that you know the difference, make sure you focus on body fat ratio to measure your progress. By itself, your weight on scale is pretty much useless. Remember, it's the excess of fat that ruins your appearance and health and you can get six pack abs fast.

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