Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Basic Truth About Abs Workout Mistakes

Most guys want a ripped, good-looking abs for several reasons: to be able to wear body hugging clothes, be healthier, and be able to attract plenty of girls. But the path towards that beautiful fat-free tummy can get really ugly.

There are hundreds of product out now in the market and they seem to promise the same thing; fast results. But the human body is not like clay to mold and see results in a blink of an eye, you will need long-term plan for that journey and the way could be treacherous. Here are the most basic problems and their solutions in obtaining that dream to get flatten stomach fast.
Most guys are cool and excited in the first two weeks of the work out program; hitting the gym three times a week, doing all the basic exercises, and choosing the best diet. But most of them feel disheartened seeing still no visible results after and tendency is they would give up. We need to understand that it would take months or even years for the fat to convert into healthy-good looking muscles and two weeks won’t even make up for that time percentage. Before planning on enrolling to the gym, you should set your mind that the gym will be your second home for the coming months and you need to keep on pushing no matter what. At the end, you will not only look “sexy” but you’ll feel proud that you have endured the test and surely that abdominals is the fruit you reap and get six pack abs fast.
When you work out your body uses a lot of energy and water so naturally your appetite for food will skyrocket. But one of the things that make any program a success is the consumption of the right food. Most of this food will alienate your taste bud but if you’re not willing to make a permanent lifestyle change, the burgers, fried chicken, sodas, and cakes in the fridge will be your everyday nightmare. This will not only jeopardize your dream abs but will also inflict depression in your system. You need discipline in this area and a strong will to avoid the temptation. Healthy food does not necessarily mean cereals, veggies, and the likes of those “tasteless” consumptions. Instead of fried chicken, why not bake it? Or swap your lunch to a salmon or salad? There are lots of easy ways to cook food if only you are willing to learn them.
If your program says three repetitions only, then don’t attempt to exceed that number thinking you’ll gain more muscles if you do. Remember that your instructor is a professional and has seen this countless time so he knows the fact and he knows what would be the best training for you. Most guys often do this to fasten the results but the exact opposite happens (e.g. uneven muscle gain). Stick to your program and never facilitate because you might end up sprouting abs in your back due too poorly received workout planan and you will get six pack abs fast.

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